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Bandages For Brutes

Made for pets

At BANDAGES FOR BRUTES we share your passion for your pet and we want to assist you in maintaining their health and happiness. On this site you'll find first aid kits and emergency care kits that provide our furry friends a little bit of creature comfort and care in times of stress.

Putting your pet first!! In the city or in a paddock, near to a vet or far away, BANDAGES FOR BRUTES products will help put your pet first. Made for pets, reviewed by Vets, we are working with you when your pet is injured or has a medical emergency.

Dog first aid kit, Cat first aid kit, Canine Ration Pack and Kitty Cat Ration Pack - all essential kits to help you and your pet in an emergency situation.

We also have expanded into a range of treats.  Our range of biscuits we bake ourselves so you know that is is all natural, healthy, and delicious (as we have our own testers who are more than willing!).  

If you are wanting to visit us you will find us most Sundays at the Willows Rotary Markets in Townsville.

Reviewed by Vets

BANDAGES FOR BRUTES works with vets to ensure the information and products contained in the Dog First Aid Kits and the Feline First Aid Kits are up to date and of good quality. However, this should not be considered replacement for professional Veterinary advice. BANDAGES FOR BRUTES has taken great care in the creation of these first aid kits, emergency rationa packs, other aids and in sourcing quality products.  We have work with local veterinarians about the information, the content and individual items. BANDAGES FOR BRUTES seeks input from vets so that we can continually improve products and bring to you quality and current treatment, techniques and products specifically for the health and happiness of your pet.

While great care has been made in the creation of these aids, the information is of a general nature and is no substitute for professional veterinary assistance and advice.